We provide professional advice in terms of registration, management and modernization of current and future airports in our country.

We offer consulting services in a wide range of areas, including:

• Advice on rules and regulations associated with Aviation Law.

• Providing opinions on local or (urban) spatial development planning in terms of compliance with the Aviation Law.

• Consult the decisions taken by public administration; about building conditions, public investment location, construction projects relating to investments localized in the vicinity of airports;

Preparation feasibility studies of local airports (the initial functional strategy and analysis of the determinants of the local airport construction);

• Creation of the concept of public use airports with limited certification;

• Formulation procedures and documentation allow for the registration of the airstrip, exclusive airport or public-use airports with limited certification;

• Management of exclusive airport or public-use airports with limited certification;

Creation public-use airports with limited certification;

• Management of the airport properties;

We offer a full range of services related to airport management:

• Dossier preparation and registration procedures for airports according to the Aviation Law.

• Draw up documents to change technical and operational specifications for the airports, including their borders, zones of availability and preparation of materials to make the necessary changes to the publication of AIP VFR;

• Prepare the NOTAM information in case of airport closures for traffic or restrictions on their use;

• Formulate documentation for administrative proceedings in cases of remove building or natural obstacles posing a threat to the safety of air traffic;

• Compose documents in case related to civil aviation security resulting from the regulations on the protection of civil aviation;