We would like to share our wide experience and knowledge with you by offering you a whole range of training possibilities. These cover:

  • real estate management,

  • production management,

  • quality management,

  • legal, tax and accounting

  • industrial health and safety and fire protection,

  • first-aid

  • others at your request.

Thanks to training and developing the employees’ skills, the company ensures it has highly qualified personnel, thus increasing effectiveness and their efficiency which directly translates to a better economic result. A company which creates good working conditions and a friendly atmosphere in the workplace and employs managers who understand their employees’ needs, is on the right path to self-development and continuous growth. Training allows the personnel to increase creativity, to better understand the need for innovation and to gain new appreciation for the importance of their tasks.

When planning our training courses, we take into consideration the following:

  • the culture of the workplace, preferred values and behaviours

  • the goals to be achieved through training

  • the intricacies of the company’s field and its market strategy

  • the participants’ individual needs for self-development

  • the problems which should be solved through training