Organisation & management

Operational activity

We prepare solutions for management issues, the aim of which is cost reduction and improving the effectiveness of the company´s operational activity. This can be directly translated to the company,s economic growth. An innovative approach to management challenges in an organisation allows effective implementation of changes concerning the operational activity of a company.

Our offer covers the following:

  • evaluation of the current situation – a detailed problem analysis in order to determine the critical areas,
  • preparation of the restructuring process – recommending the necessary changes and choosing effective methods of management,
  • implementation of the project,
  • monitoring the company’s operation – introducing procedures and controlling,
  • periodic compliance monitoring – checkpoint of the company’s management process,
  • audit of the current state of reporting and budgeting,
  • determining the company’s organisational and functional structure,
  • determining the income and expense structure.

The optimal organisational structure

We optimise organisational structures, we improve the structure of human resources and their competences to perform tasks (comply with the company’s strategy) in order to raise competitiveness and increase the company’s growth rate.

In order to improve organisation within the company, we offer the following:

  •  rebuliding and reorienting the company to increase competitiveness and raise effectiveness,
  • reorganising and changing the company’s organisational structure,
  • processes and procedures – implementing the right solutions,
  • integration and reorganisation after fusion and take-over.


In order to optimise organisation we also offer services within the field of HR, which are delivered by our partner. These are preceded by detailed analysis and activities within HR, covering:

  • analysis of the company’s personnel,
  • employment reorganisation and restructuring,
  • description and evaluation of job positions,
  • career and personal development,
  • building a remuneration system and motivation packages,
  • building a grading system,
  • internal and external recruitment.